Trimming Info

Trimming Info

Tree trimming is one of the most important aspects of tree care. Not only does it help with the overall appearance of the plant it also can be beneficial to the health of it. We will talk about some of the aspects of trimming but let us know if you have any trees in need of trimming.


So When Is The Best Time To Trim Trees In Central Texas?

When done correctly, tree trimming can take place at any time of the year if done right. Just because it is scorching hot or frigid cold doesn’t mean that you won’t get good results if you have to trim a tree, but you will want to take special steps to minimize stress and damage to the tree. With certain weather can bring certain risks, which is why it is recommended you work with a tree service company to take care of your tree trimming needs. Our technicians are specially trained for trimming trees during any time of the year to get the best results. Call Brents Tree Service to schedule an appointment today.


Wouldn’t It Just Be Cheaper To Trim My Own Trees?

Deciding to try tree trimming on your own comes with a set of risks, which can actually increase the expenses, not to mention the hazards to your personal safety. You might need to rent or purchase equipment, and unless you are a certified arborist, chances are, you might know the proper techniques for trimming trees. Climbing to certain heights puts you in danger, and when a chainsaw is involved? Look out. The last thing you want is added medical expenses or bills, which goes back to answer the original question: it’s not necessarily cheaper to trim your own trees. Save yourself the hassle and potential for added costs, and contact Brents Tree Service for tree removal, tree trimming and more.


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