Cultural Practices

At Brents Tree Service, we know trees better than anyone!
We’re glad you came to our tree info page so we may proudly present all options we offer to make your property a better a place.

Tree Types

The great thing about Texas is all the different types of trees, all of which would benefit from our tree services and tree care. From the trees grouped in the common deciduous types to all the softwoods known as coniferous trees, we have the experience to treat all types! If you need help finding out what is best for the trees in your yard, have us come out and make a plan to get your trees into the healthiest condition they’ve even been in. 

Tree Insects

There are a few tree insects out there that are dangerous to your trees, and if left untreated, can result in tree removal. We are able to look at the trees in your yard and tell you if we need to take action to eradicate some insects that could be dangerous to their growth. Maybe you have some harmful beetles making holes in your tree or you have some of those annoying webworms turning your trees into a home… Whatever bug you have on your trees, get in touch with us to get them out of there! 

Tree Diseases

We can help you handle tree disease or do our best to prevent it to even begin with. Anthracnose, cankers, oak wilt and more types of nasty diseases are all able to be handled by our pros when you get in touch with us the moment you notice them. Our tree service experts will do everything to prevent tree removal, but if tree removal is inevitable, we’ve got your back. 

Trimming Info

We are ready to bring our tree services to your yard and see which of your trees need to have some major pruning or touching up. Pruning trees in your yard yourself might seem simple enough but larger trees or work that includes several trees should be given to pros that have the best equipment and time to do a complete and attractive tree trimming job. 

Fertilizing Info

We’ve made our own fertilization mix for your tree that we inject right into the root area of your trees. It’s low in pressure and provides your trees with much-needed nutrients. We can even set up regularly-scheduled fertilization to make sure your trees are taken care of for all the seasons of the year.