Mistletoe Removal

Mistletoe Removal

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Have you seen mistletoe on your trees? Even though mistletoe is viewed positively around the Christmas holidays, mistletoe is technically considered a parasite! The scientific name for Mistletoe actually translates into “thief of tree”. Mistletoe will thrive off of the nutrients and moisture that is meant for the tree limb that it is growing from. There is really no way to prevent the growth of mistletoe.

Unlike Ball Moss, mistletoe can grow on a perfectly healthy tree limb. If you see this type of growth on your trees, it’s time to call Brents Tree Service. We will do one of two things. We will remove the mistletoe by hand if there is no real visual damage to the infected tree limbs. If the tree is in decline because of a mistletoe infestation then we would most likely advice tree trimming or in severe circumstances, tree removal.

Don’t let mistletoe spread from tree to tree on your property. Contact us at Brents Tree Service today! We provide free of charge estimates that are done in-person so that we can educate you on the different options. We absolutely do not just show up and start hacking away at your infected trees. We provide tree trimming services that are standard practices in accordance with the International Society of Arboriculture. Call us at 512-310-8789 for mistletoe removal and other tree services today!

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