Lot Clearing Service

Lot Clearing Service

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Are you building on a lot that may need the brush and trees selectively cleared? Are you needing to reduce your vulnerability to wildfires? Let our professional lot and land clearing services provide you peace of mind and convenience. We’ll work with you or your general contractor to build a comprehensive lot clearing plan for your property. Once the unwanted trees and brush are removed, we will also grind the leftover tree stumps down to 6 inches below the surface along with a haul of the unwanted materials. We have provided quality lot clearing, land clearing, and brush removal services for over 23 years in the Greater Austin metro. Save yourself $$ by allowing Brents Tree Service to handle the lot clearing process from start to finish. Believe it or not, it becomes more expensive to have a professional land clearing service work on property that has been started to be cleared by someone else.

Things to consider when Lot Clearing:

Some property owners can falsely believe that they can save money if they start the lot clearing process themselves by performing their own tree removal, uprooting the trees and piling them aside in preparation for a hired company to haul that brush away. This can actually make the tree and brush removal much more expensive! Mixing all of the unwanted trees, brush, roots, and other debris together can be inefficient for the removal. If pile together in this manner, root balls, rocks, and other debris have to be manually removed so that they do not cause damage to any of the machinery used for the removal and hauling. This adds unnecessary time to the labor costs. The benefit to having a professional tree service company provide your lot clearing service is that we will shape and trim the desirable trees that are to be kept on the property. When we provide land clearing services for a customer or general contracting company, we do our best to explain this difference in a process. We work with integrity, honesty, and provide the highest quality service.

We may not be the least expensive service but we do guarantee your utmost satisfaction. As a policy here at Brents Tree Service, we never ask for payment until our service has met your expectations.

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